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They’re Heeeere! The Official IPN 2009 Predictions … Read ‘Em And Weep … Or, Get Prepared!


By Aton Edwards

As we move into the beginning of another year, we can look back on all of the challenges we’ve faced in 2008 and take comfort in the fact that by and large …

The National Urban Self-Reliance & Preparedness Program Begins!


Microsoft Word - Self Reliance6.doc

The N.U.S.R.P. Is Finally Here! African American Badge Shown Here

After a long period of planning and set-up, along with many trials and tribulations, the National (and Global) Urban Self-Reliance and Preparedness Program (N.U.S.R.P.) is finally underway.  The principal organizer Aton Edwards feels confident that he has enough support to achieve what he calls “a critical mass of activity” that can set off “a chain reaction of events” that will “sweep across the nation” and help to assemble the nation’s first civilian operated self-reliance and emergency preparedness and response collective.  Edwards has enlisted the aid of a diverse group of high-profile activists, celebrities and politicians to help spread the word and generate interest in this historic project.