ia, short for (improvisational adaptation) is quite literally “the science of human survival.”

Science Of Human Survival

The Ready-UP! ® program will not only educate and inform the public, but also fundraise for several outstanding not-for-profit preparedness, response, self-reliance and sustainable living related organizations. The money raised will also finance the construction of several disaster-resistant community owned and operated incident command, disaster preparedness, response, self-reliance and sustainable living training centers and geodesic emergency shelters for disadvantaged urban & rural communities and Native American reservations. Ready-UP! ® is an alliance of extraordinary individuals, organizations, businesses companies and religious organizations that are “ready,” willing and able to help the American public build a more prepared, self-reliant and sustainable nation.

Ready-UP! will equip individuals with skills that allow them to survive as William Shakespeare so aptly put in Hamlet, “the thousand natural shocks that flesh is aire to.”  Practitioners must learn how to become self-reliant, prepare for, survive and recover from disasters, emergencies and crises of all types, defend themselves from aggression and attack, improve their health nutrition & physical condition along with living green and sustainably.

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