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Nepal Devastated By Earthquake, Thousands Dead And Injured.

Nepal Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake

By Aton Edwards, I.P.N. Executive Director

A 7.9 earthquake rocked Nepal on Saturday, April 25.  The death toll on Monday April 27th is nearly 4,000 and is rapidly rising.  Thousands have been injured and forced from their homes seeking shelter.   Powerful aftershocks have also hit the area, weakening unstable structures and frightening tens of thousands that have been forced from their homes to seek safe areas where they will not fall victim to falling debris, fires and other hazards manifested by the powerful quake.

Nepal Earthquake, Photo From Kuwaiti News

Nepal Earthquake Image: Photo From Kuwaiti News

The area is in desperate need of first aid supplies, antibiotics, pain medications, water purification equipment, generators, emergency shelters of all types and much more.   Ironically, one day before the earthquake, I was included in a discussion about emergency shelter at the Women In The World summit in NYC where architect Tina Hovsepian had her folding emergency shelter called Cardborigami on display.


This simple and ingenious shelter could provide relief for many thousands of the earthquake victims … if it were available today.  It needs to be mass produced immediately so that it can be available for the next similar tragedy that I must point out — can happen at anytime, anywhere.  

Cardborigami Shelter with  inventor Tina Hovsepian

Cardborigami Shelter with inventor Tina Hovsepian

In the meantime, Nepal needs your help right now!  Please check through the links below to connect with reputable organizations and agencies on the ground that need your help right now!








More info to be posted soon.  Please check for updates.

I.P.N. Develops the Ready-UP! Ikhaya-Eco Human Emergency Shelter Initiative To Help Combat Homelessness

The Ikhaya-Eco Program

The Ikhaya-Eco Program

By Aton Edwards, I.P.N. Executive Director

Shelter.  Most of us who have it never even give it a second thought — until we find ourselves without it; like after an earthquake, tornado, hurricane/cyclone, structural fire or, human-made disasters such as war.