July 19, 2024

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New Pioneering IPN Initiatives Begin in 2024!

After a long hiatus from public activity, the IPN is happy to announce that we have returned, and are ready to help a world grappling with unprecedented challenges become more safe, secure and sustainable!

Beginning in 2024, the International Preparedness Network (IPN) is embarking on several groundbreaking endeavors. The first is called the Afroprep-NOW! Anthropocene Survival Initiative. (APN-ANSUR for short)

It was created by the IPN co-founder Aton Edwards as an educational/training program to help provide the residents of African-American and Afro-Descendant communities across the US, the Caribbean, Latin (Indigenous) America and around the world with the information and skills they will need to survive the many different challenges presented by the anthropocene epoch such as climate change. Many of these areas are highly vulnerable due to a number of factors such as endemic poverty, poor locations often called “sacrifice zones” due to their proximity to toxic chemical plants, flood-prone areas, crumbling infrastructures e.g., Flint, Michigan, lack of municipal resources and the systemic racism that locks these conditions in place — not only nationally, but globally.

The Afroprep-NOW! ANSUR Initiative will stage online bi-monthly classes, several annual live workshops in New York City and a few other US locations along with Canada, the Caribbean, Africa and UK beginning in late February for the American observation of Black History Month. They will feature top experts in disaster preparedness/response/management, renewable energy/sustainability, IT, horticuture and virtually every subject that African-American and Afro-Descendants will need to help them overcome the multitude of challenges many around the world have already begun to face; ranging from powerful hurricanes, tornadoes, ARk storms the full range of natural, technological, environmental and civil disasters, severe space weather (solar flares) future pandemics and a new grave threat — highly virulent “factor X” deadly viruses; emerging from melting Arctic permafrost and ice due to global warming.

These Afroprep-NOW! ANSUR Initiative classes will also discuss the rapidly growing threat of racial violence perpetrated by white supremacist extremist and fascist organizations across America and around the world. Many are in the active stages of preparing for attacks against black (and other non-white, Jewish and Muslim communities) and Pictured below: The AtomWaffen Division

To accomplish this difficult task the IPN will deploy its own unique discipline called “ia” (improvisational adaptation) This seamlessly integrates the principal elements of STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) horticulture, emergency medicine, martial arts, and outdoor survival. (bushcraft) This “21st-century science of life-protection” aims to swiftly and efficiently provide vulnerable communities with the tools they need for survival in an uncertain future.

Registration for the 1st 2024 Afroprep-NOW! ANSUR Initiative class will be announced here, on the Afroprep-NOW! website and the IPN and Afroprep-NOW! Facebook page on Wednesday, January 10, 2024. All who participate will be required to pay for the entire 12 class course, a full-price admission ticket for individual classes, or a registration fee that will permit For Many essential classes and workshops will be free of charge to disadvantaged African-American and Afro-Descentants citizens (poverty level income) It will be conducted The operational costs will be absorbed by a mix of donations and fundraising. Edwards firmly believes that acquiring these specialized skills is crucial for their survival amidst the myriad challenges that lie ahead.

SURF-6: Survival From the Sixth Extinction

In tandem with Afroprep-NOW!, IPN is also introducing the SURF-6 program, a comprehensive survival initiative addressing humanity’s gravest threats. From thermonuclear war to Factor X virus pandemics, large-scale biowarfare, G-5 extreme solar flares, and meteor impacts, SURF-6 is meticulously designed to prepare individuals for worst-case scenarios. The SURF-6 program is by far the most challenging the IPN has ever offered. the program is achievable with dedication, hard work, and discipline.

Ikhaya-ECO: Innovative Emergency Shelter Solutions

Complementing these survival programs, IPN introduces the Ikhaya-ECO program in 2024, Created by Aton Edwards1 and his son Amen Shepsu Adio. This initiative aims to provide innovative low-cost emergency shelter designs. It is especially useful for cities responding to the surging numbers of migrants and homeless populations across the US, Europe, Africa and beyond. The Ikhaya-ECO program will offer these locations practical, low-cost, high-tech sustainable and portable micro-homes designed and created by Edwards and Adio. (pictured below with Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters)

Amen Shepsu Adio & Roger Waters at Julian Assange benefit

Ikhaya-Eco shelters will offer the unhoused a much safer and more sanitary alternative to tents where they are exposed to the elements, insects and vermin. The Ikhaya-Eco shelters can also be used by outdoor enthusiasts, the military and the general public during disasters.

As IPN continues to reveal its initiatives in the coming months, the organization encourages everyone to stay tuned and share the news. By nurturing resilience and offering innovative solutions, IPN takes substantial strides toward forging a safer and more secure future for all.

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