July 19, 2024

International Preparedness Network

Climate Crisis Protection, Self-Reliance, Preparedness, Sustainable Living, ia-The Science Of Human Survival, Surf-6'ers & Afroprep-NOW!

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Contacting the I.P.N.
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Email: ipninfo@readyforanything.org

Inquiries For I.P.N. Executive Director Aton Edwards – email: aton7@readyforanything.org

Bookings for I.P.N. Executive Director Aton Edwards – email: booking@readyforanything.org

Media Inquiries: ipnmedia@readyforanything.org

Consultations:  consult@readyforanything.org

I.P.N. Information:  info1@readyforanything.org

Webmaster: admin@readyforanything.org

Banner Advertisements: adverts@readyforanything.org

I.P.N. Program Inquiries: ipnprograms@readyforanything.org

I.P.N. “ia” Presentation Inquiries: iado@readyforanything.org