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The I.P.N. (International Preparedness Network) is a New York City based not-for-profit NGO (Non Governmental Organization) that began as a F.E.M.A. civilian emergency preparedness managers program called the New York Preparedness Network, back in November, 1989.  At the time, its specific mission was to train civilians to avoid, mitigate against, respond to and recover from natural, environmental, technological and civil disasters.  Since then, its mission and agenda has expanded.

The I.P.N. now also:

  • Monitors and reports a broad spectrum of public health and safety related issues to its members and the general public. 
  • Designs and creates emergency preparedness & self-reliance related equipment.
  • Provides members with a monthly “threat matrix” report regarding natural, technological, environmental, civil, cyber, economic, or cosmological threats to global (national) security. 

I.P.N. members study and practice a discipline specially created for the organization called “ia.” (Improvisational Adaptation) “ia” is a holistic system of life-protection that provides practitioners with specific skills and information they can utilize to to maintain their safety during disasters, become self-reliant and live sustainably, protecting Spaceship Earth for future generations.


In 2018, the I.P.N. will introduce a special division based on the principals of “ia.”

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