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Canadian Inventor Roger Gordon Creates Cutting-Edge Green Gas Manufacturing Appliance For The Home


By Adnan Roy

Canadian inventor Roger Gordon, has created an incredible new device that has the potential to change the way the world views fuel production along with offering a green alternative to fossil fuel that can break the bonds of foreign energy dependency forever.

Roger Gordon, Green Gas Machine Inventor

Roger Gordon, Green Gas Machine Inventor

His invention, the Green Gas Machine produces a substance called NH3 (anhydrous ammonia)  — simply stated, NH3 is ammonia without water.  This natural substance was once used to power trucks, buses and farm equipment. (NH3 powered schoolbus pictured below)


Gordon uses NH3 to power his own truck and equipment at his farm in Canada.

Even the great German engineer Rudolf Diesel inventor of the engine of the same name used ammonia in an experimental engine and saw it as a viable fuel.


Gordon’s invention was born from his need of a new and inexpensive method to produce ammonia, a critical component in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

He began to research methods on ammonia manufacturing and designed an apparatus in 2009 that could make it in small quantities.  He patented the device and over the next few years worked to refine and improve it with a team of engineers.  In 2012, Gordon’s work paid off.

His invention was theoretically able to produce up to 500 litres per day at a cost of less than $.50 cents per litre.  It was also a relatively small refrigerator sized unit that could easily be stored in a garage, basement or, any well ventilated area and; could be powered by renewable energy power generation systems. (solar, wind)   It requires little maintenance, no technical skill to operate and also has exothermic properties — meaning that it produces Exothermicheat that can be redirected away from the machine and ducted to heat a home during the cold winter months.      Gordon also realized that if used en masse, by the general public, his Green Gas Machine could not only decentralize fuel production by converting consumers into producers, but also help to diminish the effects of climate change by scaling back the use of fossil fuels.