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Ready-UP! Returns At The New York Comicon, October 12, 2014


By Aton Edwards, I.P.N. Executive Director

Ready-UP! the program is back!

We’re kicking off our next phase of Ready-UP! activity at our most exciting location yet – The upcoming New York City Comicon! 


The original team Ready-UP! will be featured – along with a few new additions …

Original Ready-UP! America team, L to R: Anthony “King Simon” Brown, Eisuke Ishimuro, Aton Edwards, R.J. Cote, Margaret Ling

In this go round, some of Ready-UP! is a family affair!  be joined by my son, Amen Shepsu Adio, creator of the Gaming Reigns website, and my Fiancee, Hypnotherapist Kendell Cobb.


Also included in the presentation will be Aimee German, Preparedness Expert Barry Crumbley, and more!

The Ready-UP! program will also continue to not only present the public with all the best cutting edge information about disaster preparedness, but also the best preparedness gear!   Once again, we’ll have LifeGear products on display – including the Go Bags featured on the Katie Couric Show in May.


More LifeGear equipment will be on display, including lightsticks, flashlights and other products.



LifeGear is becoming the “one stop” company for high quality and durable preparedness gear!

Arguably, the multi-tool is the most important item you can have in your Go-Bag, pocket or belt.  Leatherman makes the best multi-tools in the world!    Leatherman is the official multi-tool of our Ready-UP! program and we will be featuring a variety of selections during our panel discussion.


Leatherman MUT (Military Utility Tool)

A few lucky people who attend will receive a Leatherman multi-tool, or T-shirt.  All who attend will receive cutting edge information about how to prepare for any disaster imaginable ranging from the Zombie Apocalypse to  something far more disturbing and real … the current Ebola outbreak.

People are in need of accurate information that they can use to understand the disease, and if they are unfortunate enough to ever come near or in contact with it, what they can do to protect themselves.


Finally, the Ready-UP! program is not only about educating communities for disasters, it is also dedicated to calling attention to outstanding organizations and individuals across the nation who work to help prepare their communities for disasters and emergencies and teaching people on how to live sustainably and protect the Earth.

We will continue our mission to help inform our supporters of their fine work and direct them to the channels they can help them continue it either by contributing or volunteering.

I’m looking forward to meeting all who attend our panel and thrilled to participate in the event!

See you there!



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